e-IWO is an efficient and cost-effective way to electronically exchange income withholding order (IWO) information between child support agencies and employers.

  • Implements withholding orders sooner so families receive child support quicker
  • Reduces errors from manual processing
  • Eliminates cost of postage and processing paper documents
  • Allows reporting of lump sum payments and employee terminations
  • Provides ongoing communication between child support agencies and employers


Find out more about the free e-IWO service in this printable flyer.

e-IWO Process

Child support agencies and employers use OCSE's centralized, standardized and secure electronic income withholding order to exchange IWO information.


No Programming Option

The No Programming Option is ideal for employers that process a few IWOs per month.  Also, employers with limited technical resources to implement the system-to-system interface can benefit from this option.


System-to-System Option

The System-to-System option is ideal for a medium to large employer seeking to fully automate the process to receive IWO electronically and to automatically initiate or update an employee’s child support withholding amount without manual intervention.


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