What documents do I need to bring to the child support office?

Publication Date: May 23, 2014


Bring as much of the following information as possible. This will help the child support office locate the parent, establish paternity, and establish and enforce your child support order.

  • Information about the noncustodial parent
  • Name, address and Social Security number
  • Name and address of current or recent employer
  • Names of friends and relatives, names of organizations to which he or she might belong
  • Information about his or her income and assets -- pay slips, tax returns, bank accounts, investments or property holdings
  • Physical description, or photograph, if possible
  • Birth certificates of children
  • If paternity is an issue, written statements (letters or notes) in which the alleged father has said or implied that he is the father of the child
  • Your child support order, divorce decree, or separation agreement if you have one
  • Records of any child support received in the past
  • Information about your income and assets
  • Information about expenses, such as your child’s health care, daycare, or special needs