Intergovernmental Child Support Enforcement Forms

OMB 0970-0085

Publication Date: December 26, 2019

States are required to use the federally approved standard intergovernmental forms in intergovernmental actions.  OCSE’s intergovernmental forms matrix specifies which forms to use according to the specific action requested in the case.

(For processing international cases under the Hague Convention, please see alternative forms on OCSE’s Hague Convention forms webpage. For processing cases with Foreign Reciprocating Countries that are not Hague countries, see the appropriate Caseworker Guide on the International webpage.)

  1. Child Support Agency Confidential Information.pdf — Safeguards the privacy of individuals by providing a means to record their personal identifiable information on a separate document that is not to be filed with a tribunal or shared with the other party
  2. Child Support Locate Request.pdf — Used by a IV-D agency for requesting locate information from another state if a CSENet agreement is not in place
  3. Declaration in Support of Establishing Parentage.pdf — Supplements the Uniform Support Petition when parentage is at issue in an intergovernmental case
  4. General Testimony.pdf — Provides a framework for stating detailed information and evidence to support the action requested in the petition
    General Testimony Instructions.pdf — Provides instructions for stating the detailed information and evidence to support the action requested in the petition
  5. Letter of Transmittal Requesting Registration.pdf — Completed by initiating jurisdiction to request registration of an existing order for enforcement and/or modification
  6. Notice of Determination of Controlling Order.pdf — Provides a standard format for alerting entities in other jurisdictions about a controlling order determination
  7. Personal Information Form For UIFSA 311.pdf — Records, in a separate document, the personal identifiable information required by UIFSA § 311, eliminating repetition of the required personal identifiable information in the Uniform Support Petition, Declaration in Support of Parentage, and General Testimony
  8. Child Support Agency Request for Change of Support Payment Location Pursuant to UIFSA § 319.pdf — Used by a child support agency, under specific limited circumstances allowed under UIFSA § 319(b), to change the payment location of a support order issued by another state, or to respond to such a request
  9. Child Support Enforcement Transmittal #1 — Initial Request.pdf — A “cover letter” required to refer IV-D interstate cases to a responding state’s central registry
  10. Child Support Enforcement Transmittal #1 — Acknowledgment.pdf — Provides a standard format for a responding child support agency to acknowledge receipt of a Transmittal #1 request and to notify the initiating agency of any additional forms or information needed
  11. Child Support Enforcement Transmittal #2 — Subsequent Actions.pdf — Used by the initiating or responding jurisdiction to request/provide additional information in previously referred cases
  12. Child Support Enforcement Transmittal #3 — Request for Assistance/Discovery.pdf  — Used when the requesting jurisdiction is working its case locally and needs limited assistance from another jurisdiction
  13. Uniform Support Petition.pdf — Legal pleading needed for the responding state to initiate action
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