Section 1115 Grants: University Partnerships Grant: Michigan

Evaluation Reports

Publication Date: May 2, 2017


The goal of Michigan's University Partnership demonstration was to build a relationship between the child support agency and local university. It leveraged university scholars with significant public policy expertise to analyze child support data to inform decision-making and improve program effectiveness.

The Michigan Child Support Program partnered with Michigan University and the County Friend of the Court (FOC) to increase the effectiveness of enforcement activities and efficiency of FOC staff, and assist in:

  • Delivering consistent innovative, and holistic services
  • Communicating clearly and timely
  • Increasing collections, especially on cases with inconsistent payment histories
  • Promoting healthy family relationships through parental engagement.

Michigan preformed an enforcement activity analysis, tested predictive modeling, and conducted a pilot to compromise arrears for on-time support.

See each final report attached below.

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