OCSE administers a number of grant-funded demonstration projects, waivers, and other research related partnerships, focusing on evidence-based research initiatives to produce the best outcomes for children and families.  We offer competitive grant opportunities and partner with state programs to administer the Access and Visitation grant program that funds services to help noncustodial parents increase parenting time with their children.

Competitive Grant Opportunities

OCSE offers two competitive funding sources typically available every other year depending on funding. Funding opportunity announcements differ from year to year and applications must respond to the outlined project goals and requirements in the announcement.

1. Section 1115 Demonstration Grants

Section 1115(a) of the Social Security Act authorizes OCSE to fund demonstration grants. Eligible applicants: State Title IV-D agencies or the state umbrella agencies of which they are a part and starting in 2016, Tribal IV-D.

2. Special Improvement Project (SIP) Grants

Section 452(j) of the Social Security Act provides federal funds for research and demonstration programs and special projects of regional or national significance relating to the operation of state child support programs. Eligible applicants: state and local public agencies, non-profit agencies (including faith-based organizations) and tribal organizations.

Current Funding Opportunities

New grant forecast published! "Using Digital Marketing to Increase Participation in the Child Support Program" will collect and analyze data on how digital marketing may help the child support program more effectively reach and serve families. The grant forecast is published on Look for the full funding opportunity announcement in early 2018.

Last Reviewed: December 6, 2017

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