A Look Inside OCSE

OCSE provides many behind-the-scene services to the child support community. In May 2018, we launched a series of articles called A Look Inside OCSE to highlight the work that the federal office does. Those original articles are in our Child Support Report newsletter, but you’ll find current information about us on this page.

Collaboration Makes a Difference

A photo of a group of people participating in a training and the words A Look Inside OCSE are superimposed over the photo

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement regional program specialists provide many services to state and tribal child support programs

Requesting Research Matching Agreements

Graphic of 12 separate streams of numerical data shrinking and going into a USB cable simultaneously

OCSE must balance its duty to safeguard information with its mandate to share information

OCSE and Employer Collaboration -
A Multibillion-Dollar Partnership

Venn diagram with two overlapping circles representing employers and OCSE, and the words $24 billion laid over the top

The child support program collected $24 billion through income withholding in 2018

Interstate and International Case Processing Training

Graphic representing tools used in international and interstate case processing

The policy and training team help child support professionals navigate case processing across state and international boundaries

More Resources

Grants and Waivers Foster Program Innovation

August 30, 2018

Learn the differences between demonstration grants and waiver projects authorized in Section 1115 of the Social Security Act

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Domestic Violence Technical Assistance

October 31, 2018

Federal staff provide training and technical assistance to child support professionals to increase safety for domestic violence survivors

Read Domestic Violence Technical Assistance

Collaboration Improves New Hire Reporting

December 19, 2018

A change to Form W-4 helps employers submit all federally required data at once

Read Collaboration Improves New Hire Reporting

Federal Partnerships and Collaboration

December 19, 2018

Collaboration between federal agencies and other partners help families across multiple programs

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Communicating with our Customers

January 31, 2019

OCSE uses different channels to communicate with a variety of audiences

Read Communicating with our Customers

Access and Visitation Mandatory Grant Program

March 28, 2019

OCSE provides annual funding for states and territories to operate the mandatory Access and Visitation Grant program.

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