Commissioner's Voice Blog

Commissioner's Voice Blog

In the Commissioner's Voice blog, OCSE Commissioner Scott Lekan shares messages directly with the child support community. Occasionally, the blog will feature a guest writer in Perspectives from the Field, where a child support director will share an innovation or initiative from their state. The blog is reprinted from the monthly Commissioner’s Voice column in the Child Support Report newsletter.

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Picture of father congratulating daughter who just graduated from college
June 29, 2018

Partnering with Fathers

Commissioner Lekan reflects on the importance of fathers

Image of American flag against a blue sky
May 30, 2018

Working Proudly Beside You

Commissioner Lekan talks about the strength of character it takes to work in public service

Map of the U.S. overlaid with voice bubbles to depict comments received from those areas
April 30, 2018

Voices from the Field — Research Grants

OCSE Division Director Barbara Lacina highlights three federal child support grants and shares quotes from participants

Photo of Commissioner Scott Lekan and other senior ACF leadership at the National Child Support Enforcement Association 2018 Policy Forum
March 29, 2018

Finding Collaborative Opportunities

Partnerships across the federal government bolster the work of the child support community to help unemployed parents

Photo of Mount Vernon Mansion
February 13, 2018

A History Lesson on Perseverance and Common Goals

As Commissioner Lekan focuses in on OCSE’s internal goals, he shares a story about working together through challenges

Photo of child in winter coat at night holding a sparkler in their left hand
December 11, 2017

Working with Veterans and our Native American Tribal Programs

Commissioner Lekan celebrates accomplishments across the child support community as we wrap up the year

Graphic of shape of Illinois and two child support computer monitors
October 31, 2017

Illinois Implements New Guidelines Under Tight Deadline

Director Pamela Lowry shares how Illinois implemented new child support guidelines

Photo of a scull boat in a river
September 27, 2017

Taking the Helm - Moving Child Support Forward

In his first Voice blog, Commissioner Lekan talks about becoming commissioner and shares some of his program goals

Map of border between Mexico and US
July 20, 2017

Families Benefit from International Cooperation

CA Child Support Director Alisha Griffin tells us how California's partnership with Mexico is improving services for parents

Yellow US map infographic
May 16, 2017

How Two States Manage Change

GA Child Support Director Tanguler Gray tells us how inter-office collaboration can improve employee engagement and customer service


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