Commissioner's Voice Blog

In the Commissioner's Voice blog, the OCSE Commissioner shares messages directly with the child support community. Occasionally, the blog will feature a guest writer in Perspectives from the Field, where a child support director will share an innovation or initiative from their state. The blog is reprinted from the Commissioner’s Voice column in the Child Support Report newsletter.

Upcoming Grants to Help DV Survivors

October 21, 2021
Acting Commissioner Boyer highlights upcoming grants that will help domestic violence survivors 

Snapshots of a Resilient Child Support Program

September 24, 2021
Acting Commissioner Boyer highlights how state and tribal programs served children and families during Child Support Awareness Month

More Money for Families

August 3, 2021
Acting Commissioner Boyer celebrates innovations that have helped make child support one of the most cost-effective government programs 

Grants to Prepare Youth for Parenthood

July 9, 2021
Acting Commissioner Boyer celebrates National Parents' Day and highlights OCSE's new responsible parenting grant recipients

Reducing Barriers to Fatherhood Involvement

June 10, 2021
Senior Advisor James Murray examines how the child support program can reduce barriers to and better support fatherhood involvement

Helping Others Starts with Taking Care of Ourselves

May 5, 2021
Acting Commissioner Boyer recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month and shares free resources for those seeking support

Financial Literacy Helps Families Thrive

April 7, 2021
Acting Commissioner Boyer recognizes Financial Literacy Month by highlighting the importance of money management and financial stability

Modernizing Child Support Enforcement Systems

March 16, 2021
Raghavan Varadachari, OCSE’s director of State and Tribal Systems, discusses a streamlined approach to modernizing enforcement systems

Promoting Healthy Relationships Among Young Parents

February 18, 2021
Acting Commissioner Boyer recognizes Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and highlights how child support professionals can support healthy relationships