Insurance Match for Insurers, Third-Party Administrators or Self-Insured

Publication Date: July 27, 2016

Did you know that the insurance industry is helping children and families receive child support?

The partnership between the insurance industry and the child support program gets results!  Child support agencies across the nation reported millions of dollars collected for children and families, attributed in part to our Insurance Match Program.

We worked with the insurance industry and the child support community to develop a standard, centralized, and flexible data match program requiring minimal resources to participate.

Legal Authority

42 U.S. Code § 652(m) authorizes us to compare information about individuals who owe past-due child support with information maintained by insurers or their agents concerning claims, payments, awards, and settlements.

Mandatory Child Support Reporting Requirements

In an effort to increase child support for families, several states passed or are considering legislation that requires insurers to participate in a data match program.  Requirements vary by state.  You can find additional information about state laws in the Intergovernmental Reference Guide:

  1. Click on the state
  2. Select section “M. Insurance Match” under Program Category.

In all states, except Massachusetts, insurers may satisfy a state’s reporting requirements when they participate in our Insurance Match Program.

How can your company participate?

For information about signing up for our program, visit How to Participate in the Insurance Match Program or contact us at

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