Report Lump Sum Payments Online

Publication Date: August 24, 2020

Employers can use OCSE's Child Support Portal to report upcoming employee lump sum payments to child support agencies, and then receive a response about whether the employee owes past-due support.  A “no match” response allows the employer to release lump sum payments to employees.  When there is a match, the employer receives information about the state(s) where the employee owes past-due support and how to contact the child support agencies that participate in Lump Sum reporting. Learn how to sign up to report lump sum reporting below.

Process Overview


  • Provide information about employees who are eligible to receive a lump sum payment using one of these methods:
    • Enter information about each employee into the fields on the Lump Sum Reporting screen
    • Upload a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (or similar format) to report many employees at one time
  • Receive a match/no match response on employee(s):
    • Immediate response if reporting one employee at a time
    • Next day response if file or spreadsheet uploaded:
      • Receive confirmation that the information was uploaded and linked to match/no match information for the next business day
      • Review and correct errors if the information was not uploaded
      • Resubmit files with corrected information
  • Receive child support agency contact information for all matches
  • Review information you reported in the last 60 calendar days

OCSE Child Support Portal:

  • Validate the file upload
  • Notify the employer of any file errors
  • Revalidate the file if the employer resubmits
  • Compare information provided by the employer to individuals who owe child support
  • Provide the child support agency contact information for a match response
  • Generate notification to the state(s) about the pending lump sum payment
  • Retain the information submitted by employers for 60 calendar days

Child Support Agency:

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