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How Do You Get Child Support?

Each state has their own requirements. The best thing to do is contact your local office and ask them what documents you need and how to apply.

  • Contacting your local office

    Find your state on our map to email or call your local child support office. They will help you open a case, change the amount of your child support payments, if appropriate, and answer specific questions about your case.

  • Applying for child support

    Contact your local child support office to apply for services. Your state may allow you to apply online. You might need to provide documents like birth certificates and information about your income and expenses like daycare and health care. Ask your local office for a complete list.

  • Making a payment

    Find out how to make a payment in your state.

  • Changing an order

    If you have a significant change in income or living situation and want to request a change in your local child support order, contact your child support office.

  • International Cases

    The United States has arrangements with other countries to provide child support services. Contact your local child support office to learn how your state handles international cases.

  • Tribal Cases

    Many tribes operate a child support program to enforce cases in a culturally appropriate way. Contact your tribe to apply for services or get more information. Our contact map lists all tribal child support programs by state.

Last Reviewed: February 12, 2020

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