Incarcerated Parents

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When a parent is incarcerated, it’s hard on parents and children. Children still need the emotional and financial support of their parents.

For the noncustodial parent:

Managing the build up of child support debt can help parents successfully make regular payments after release. Find out how you can request an order modification in your state.

For the custodial parent:

Helping children understand what is happening in their family when a parent is in jail or prison is important. When family members talk with children about this experience, children can better address the concerns and stress they might feel.

Top Incarcerated Parents Resources

A guide to help parents understand the child support review and modification process

Provides state-specific information on how to change a child support order

Highlights opportunities to encourage incarcerated parents to engage with the child support system

Graphically displays cost-benefit differences between providing job services and jail

Profiles child support access to justice innovations including court facilitators, self-help hotlines, and online tools

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