2019 Open Comment Period – State Plan Pages


Publication Date: December 19, 2019



DATE: December 19, 2019

TO: State IV-D Directors

SUBJECT: 2019 Open Comment Period — State Plan Pages


Dear Colleague:

The Office of Child Support Enforcement has approved a IV-D state plan for each state. Federal regulations require states to amend their state plans only when necessary to reflect new or revised federal statutes or regulations or material changes in any state laws, regulations, policies, or IV-D agency procedures. The requirement for submission of a state plan and plan amendments for the child support program is found in sections 452, 454, and 466 of the Social Security Act.

In accordance with section 3506(c)(2)(A) of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, OCSE is soliciting public comment on the State Plan Child Support Collection and Establishment of Paternity Title IV-D OCSE-100 and OCSE-21-U4 forms. A notice for public comment was published on December 6, 2019, in the Federal Register on page 66914, Volume 84, Number 235 (PDF) Visit disclaimer page .

We made minor revisions to the OCSE-21-U4 to remove outdated language and add an option for states to electronically request or renew an exemption from the mandatory laws and procedures in section 466 of the Social Security Act via the online state plan system. These revisions do not increase the burden of the OCSE-21-U4. No revisions were made to the OCSE-100.

Please send your comments and suggestions to OCSE.DPT@acf.hhs.gov and reference OMB control number 0970—0017. Consideration will be given to comments received by February 4, 2020.


Scott M. Lekan
Office of Child Support Enforcement

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