Final Rule: Processing Garnishment Orders for Child Support and/or Alimony


Publication Date: May 10, 1995



May 10, 1995


SUBJECT: Final Rule - Processing Garnishment Orders for Child Support and/or Alimony

EFFECTIVE DATE: February 24, 1995

ATTACHMENT: Attached is a technical amendment, published January 25, 1995 in the Federal Register by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) amending Federal regulations at 5 CFR Part 581 for Processing Garnishment Orders for Child Support and/or Alimony. This document amends Appendix A, "List of Agents Designated to Accept Legal Process." This lists agents designated to accept legal process for the Executive Branch of the United States, the United States Postal Service, the Postal Rate Commission, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the Smithsonian Institution.

The rule also amends 5 CFR 581.104 by removing the paragraph (i)(3) as suggested by the Corporation for National and Community Service. This paragraph, excluding allowances paid to volunteers under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act and the Peace Corps Act from amounts which can be garnished, was erroneously inserted under this section, as well as under (h)(3) where it belongs.

Also, attached is a correction to the above technical amendment, published April 14, 1995 in the Federal Register.

We reviewed this rule and the correction to this rule to determine the extent of revisions to the prior issuance of the Appendix A in 1993 (OCSE-AT- 93-07). Please note the following changes which we detected:

Defense Finance and Accounting Service, i.e., for employees paid by the DFAS Charleston or Pensacola payroll centers, the garnishment should be served at the Garnishment Operations Office in Cleveland, Ohio. The correction adds Denver to above mentioned payroll centers.

The correction made a change to the Air Force designated agent for Active Duty, Reserve, Air National Guard (ANG), and civilian employees of appropriated fund activities.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development added addresses for 11 regions throughout the U.S. including Washington, D.C.

The Departments of Interior and Justice added new addresses.

There were address changes to the offices of United States Attorneys and Executive Office for United States Attorneys and 89 addresses added for the Federal Prisons Systems throughout the U.S.

The Department of Transportation added three addresses for Assistant Chief Counsels under the Office of the Secretary, one for the Coast Guard and 12 addresses for Assistant Chief Counsels for the Federal Aviation Administration.

Under the Department of Veterans Affairs, Oregon added an address for White City National Cemetery Area Office and Texas added two addresses for the San Antonio National Cemetery Area Office.

The correction added an address for Sioux Falls Medical and Regional Office Center.

Arms Control & Disarmament Agency added an address for the General Counsel in Washington, D.C.

Consumer Product Safety Commission added an address for Personal Service.

Environmental Protection Agency added an address.

Farm Credit Administration changed their address. Federal Maritime Commission corrected their address.

The Federal Trade Commission added an address.

The International Trade Commission added an address. The correction deleted this address.

National Labor Relations Board changed their address.

The National Security Agency added an address.

The correction changed the address for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and

The Selective Service System added an address.


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David Gray Ross Deputy Director Office of Child Support Enforcement

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