Improving the Processing of NDNH Data


Publication Date: March 19, 2004



ATTACHMENT: Process Improvements to the NDNH

DATE: March 19, 2004


RE: Improving the Processing of National Directory of New Hires Data

Dear Colleague:

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) conducted regional data quality conference calls with the state Child Support Enforcement (CSE) agencies. During the calls, various data quality issues were identified. OCSE has been working with the states to improve the quality of the new hire (W4), quarterly wage (QW), and unemployment insurance (UI) data submitted to the National Directory of New Hires (NDNH). OCSE has also taken the initiative to improve NDNH processes. Here is a list of modifications to the NDNH that were made in December 2003.

• The NDNH was modified to suspend QW and UI files if more than 10 percent of the records are duplicate.

• The NDNH was modified to switch the First Name and Last Name associated with SSNs for QW and W4 records that do not verify, and resubmit this switched record for verification.

• The NDNH was modified to edit incoming QW records with Wage Amount fields that are all nines (that is, the wage amount contains three or more consecutive 9s).

• The NDNH was modified to retrieve employer address information for Federal agencies that are submitted with a FIPS code instead of a Federal Employer Identification Number.

A detailed explanation of these improvements is enclosed.

OCSE greatly appreciates the cooperation of officials and staff from the State Directories of New Hires, State Workforce Agencies, Federal agencies and the state CSE agencies that are involved in the submittal of NDNH data, as we work together to improve the lives of our nation's children.


Sherri Z. Heller, Ed.D.
Office of Child Support Enforcement



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