Notice of SF-424M Annual Submission Requirement


Publication Date: August 13, 2014



DATE: August 13, 2014

TO: State Agencies Administering Child Support Enforcement Plans under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act and Other Interested Individuals

SUBJECT: Notice of SF-424M Annual Submission Requirement

BACKGROUND: On June 28, 2013, ACF provided notice in the Federal Register Visit disclaimer page of the new policies and procedural requirements for the electronic submission of state plans, and program and financial reporting forms for mandatory grant programs.  Effective October 1, 2013, ACF requires recipients of mandatory state grant programs to use the Standard Form SF-424M Mandatory Form when submitting state plans electronically through the On-Line Data Collection (OLDC) system.  Additionally, ACF requires the electronic submission of program progress and financial reporting forms through the OLDC system.

CONTENT: The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) received an exemption from the OLDC electronic submission requirement for state plans submitted under title IV-D of the Social Security Act.  OCSE is in the process of updating the existing online state plan system so states can submit plan amendments electronically; however, until further notice, state child support programs should continue to submit plan amendments per .

ACF still requires state child support programs to submit the SF-424M by the end of the fiscal year through the OLDC system.  The SF-424M captures important grant information, such as the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.  States must submit the SF-424M by the end of the fiscal year through the OLDC system, regardless of an actual plan amendment.  This will ensure ACF has the most current information in its system regarding state child support programs.  The first submission is due by October 30, 2014.  In subsequent years, states may submit the SF-424M when other required reports, such as the OCSE-34A, 396A, or 157, are due in the OLDC system.

RELATED REFERENCES: AT-00-10; OCSE SF-424M Instructions

ACTION REQUIRED: Annual submission of the SF-424M through the OLDC system

INQUIRIES TO: ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers

Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: Tribal IV-D Directors


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