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Publication Date: August 21, 2008



DATE: August 21, 2008


RE: QUICK to the Internet

Dear Colleague:

As shared in DCL 07-10, FPLS Technical Infrastructure Transition, the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is interested in using the Internet as a means for interstate communications. We have examined the Internet as a broad-based solution to our emerging communication needs and have decided to move the Query Interstate Cases for Kids (QUICK) application from the private OCSE network (OCSENet) to the Internet. We will use virtual private network (VPN) technology to secure State connections to QUICK across the Internet.

QUICK, a browser-based application, allows an authorized user to view financial and basic case data as well as contact information for the caseworker in another State. QUICK also allows access to information about a case that was completed by another State, including:

  • NCP Locate,
  • paternity,
  • order establishment,
  • enforcement activities, and
  • case status, including business actions.

As of this date, 11 States have implemented QUICK and several other States expect to implement QUICK by the end of this year. OCSE has contacted States that use QUICK to solicit insight, and to help assess the impact of moving QUICK to the Internet. The response to the change was positive. Based on the feedback that was received, it was determined that the migration of States that use QUICK will be phased in over a period of time, during which both OCSENet and Internet connectivity will be supported. The migration of States to the Internet will begin as part of OCSE Release 09-01, which is anticipated for Spring 2009. We plan to pilot some States prior to this release.

We are committed to providing technical support to make the migration smooth. Through continued application of the standard OCSE Release Methodology, and regular communications including QUICK Technical Workgroup conference calls, we plan to involve States and OCSE Regions in discussions concerning requirements and implementation strategies, as well as to schedule all of the phases of the migration process.

Additional technical details and timelines will be provided in subsequent communications. If you have specific questions about QUICK to the Internet, contact: End User Support Team at (800) 258-2736 or CSENet.2000@lmco.com


Margot Bean
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc: Regional Program Managers

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