Removal of Full Locate Functionality from State CSE System and CSENet 2000


Publication Date: July 24, 2000


JUL 24, 2000

TO: ALL State IV-D Directors

RE: Removal of Full Locate Functionality from the State CSE System and CSENet 2000

Dear Colleague:

The purpose of this letter is to provide the States with guidance regarding the elimination of Full Locate (LO2) functionality from the State Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system and CSENet 2000. The supporting documentation concerning the removal of the LO2 function from CSENet 2000 will be provided under separate cover at a later date.

The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) and the CSENet 2000 team conducted a thorough analysis of Full Locate functionality. Upon the conclusion of this analysis, it was determined that due to the evolution of the Child Support Enforcement program and the State CSE systems, the Full Locate function is no longer sufficient to meet State business usage requirements.

The LO2 function will be eliminated from CSENet 2000, effective October 1, 2000. States that are fully functional should have ample time to discontinue usage of the LO2 function and remove all LO2 functionality from their State CSE systems. For States that are in the process of developing CSENet 2000 functionality, it is recommended that they discontinue these development efforts.

States will need to evaluate existing LO2 cases on the CSE system to determine if the next appropriate functional area will be establishment, paternity, or enforcement. Case closures should meet the Federal case closure criteria as established in 45 CFR 303.11. Upon removal of LO2 functionality from the CSE system, States should utilize only the Quick Locate (LO1) functionality for all further interstate locate transactions via CSENet 2000.

If you have any questions regarding the elimination of the LO2 function, please contact your CSENet 2000 Technical Representative or Help Desk Support at 1-800-258-2736.

The OCSE and CSENet 2000 staff would like to express our appreciation to States for providing comments and suggestions during our assessment of the removal of LO2 functionality.

We look forward to continuing to work with States in improving interstate case processing.


David Gray Ross
Office of Child Support Enforcement

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