Reporting Adoptions on the OCSE-157 Child Support Enforcement Annual Data Report


Publication Date: December 9, 2011



DATE: December 9, 2011


SUBJECT: Reporting Adoptions on the OCSE-157 Child Support Enforcement Annual Data Report

BACKGROUND: In fiscal year 2005, the Child Support Enforcement Annual Data Report (OCSE-157) was revised to allow, at state option, adopted children and children born out of wedlock (whose parents subsequently marry each other) to count in the Paternity Establishment Percentage (PEP). This transmittal clarifies the general reporting instructions in Section B: Paternity Establishment that allows states to report adoptions in the PEP and its effects on Lines 6 and 9.


As stated in the OCSE-157 -

Line 6: Children in IV-D Cases Open During or at the End of the Fiscal Year With Paternity Established or Acknowledged

States are required to report the number of children born out of wedlock in the IV-D caseload in cases open at the end of the Federal Fiscal Year who have paternity established or acknowledged. States have the option of including paternities established or acknowledged for cases that closed during the Federal Fiscal Year. Paternity does not have to have been established by the IV-D agency.

Line 9: Children in the State with Paternity Established or Acknowledged During the Year (Optional)

States are required to report the number of minor children in the state who were born out of wedlock for whom paternity has been established or acknowledged during the year. In addition, as long as the reporting state established paternity, the child or children did not have to be born in the reporting state. Although reporting on this line is optional for states using the IV-D paternity establishment percentage, they are strongly encouraged to report this information.

For reporting purposes on both Lines 6 and 9 of the OCSE-157, an adoption, regardless of birth circumstances, is deemed to be an out of wedlock birth. An adoption is equivalent to a paternity establishment and the adoption date is equivalent to the paternity establishment date.

The OCSE Office of Audit will continue to evaluate the completeness, reliability, and security of performance indicator data reported by the states and the accuracy of the reporting systems used in calculating the performance indicators. In addition to the Data Reliability Audit Specifications in DCL-11-15, “Data Reliability Audit Requirements for the Fiscal Year 2011 Reporting Period,” dated August 22, 2011, states opting to report adoptions on the OCSE-157 must:

(1) for Line 6, only report child(ren) in IV-D cases open during or at the end of the reporting period who have been adopted; and

(2) for Line 9, only report child(ren) in the state who were adopted during the reporting period.


INQUIRIES TO: Please contact your cognizant Area Audit Office with questions related to the audit specifications and required documentation.

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