State Plan System Frequently Asked Questions

Publication Date: March 4, 2016



DATE:  March 4, 2016


RE:  State Plan System Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Colleague:

With this letter, we provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the state plan system.

Question 1:  When should I submit a plan amendment?

Response 1:  After approval of the original plan by OCSE, you must submit relevant changes required by statutes, rules, regulations, interpretations, and court decisions as soon as possible so that OCSE can determine whether the state’s plan continues to meet federal requirements and policies.  States are responsible for ensuring that their state plans accurately reflect the current state of their child support program and amending them when warranted.  (Also see AT-15-02.)

Question 2:  Do I still need to upload the preprint plan page and the OCSE-21-U4 Transmittal and Notice of Approval of State Plan Material Form (PDF) to my plan submission via the state plan system?

Response 2:  No.  The state plan system includes the state plan pages and the data fields associated with the OCSE-21-U-4 Transmittal Form.  However, state users have the option of uploading a copy of these documents.  Since state plan page 5.2 has a signature field, state users might want to attach it to the plan amendment.

Question 3:  What notifications will state users receive from the state plan system?

Response 3:  The state plan system will generate a notice informing state users that their plan amendment has been referred back, approved, or finalized by OCSE.  When state users submit a plan amendment, the system will display the status of that plan amendment as submitted, indicating receipt by OCSE.

Question 4:  How do I move between data fields to enter text?

Response 4:  Use the tab key on your keyboard to move between data fields.

Question 5:  Where is the state’s transmittal number for the plan amendment located?

Response 5:  The state plan system displays the state’s transmittal number for the plan amendment on the Transmittal Details tab.

Question 6:  How do I amend a required attachment?

Response 6:  To amend a required attachment, the state user should initiate a New Amendment for the desired plan page and upload the attachment by clicking on Add New File/URL.  The system accepts PDFs and hyperlinks.

Question 7:  What should I do when I am having issues with uploading a file to the state plan system?

Response 7:  States should contact their designated OCSE Regional Program Specialist when they encounter an issue.  However, OCSE has made changes to the system to accommodate larger files.

Question 8:  Can I submit hyperlinks to state statutes, laws, policies, procedures or guidelines?

Response 8:  Yes.  The state plan system accepts hyperlinks.  States can submit them individually or in a PDF file for the designated plan page requirement.  When submitting a PDF document with hyperlinks, please ensure that the hyperlinks are active and that OCSE can click on them to access the intended website (see this PDF Hyperlink document (PDF)for an example).  States must submit an amendment when changes are made to the hyperlink web address or its content.

Question 9:  How do I resubmit a plan amendment that was referred back by OCSE?

Response 9:  Select the designated plan amendment, then click View.  Review the information on Transmittal Details tab and make any necessary changes, then click Save, and then Next.  Review the information on the Amendment Details tab and make any necessary changes, then click Save, and then Next.  On the last tab, click Submit.

Question 10:  What is the process for providing an extension to the 90-day deadline for reviewing a plan submission?

Response 10:  When an OCSE Regional Office requires more time to review the plan amendment, they will request an extension via the state plan system.  When state users receive the extension request, they should indicate their approval or denial in the system.  Please see the state user manual (PDF) for more detailed instructions.

Question 11:  Who do I contact if I am having technical issues or questions about the state plan system?

Response 11:  Please contact the portal service desk by phone (800-258-2736) or email
(  If they can’t help, they will direct you to the appropriate person in OCSE.

Question 12:  Can the public view my state plan?

Response 12:  Yes.  The public has access to a view-only database Visit disclaimer page of all the state plans.  However, this database does not display attachments or supporting documents for the state plans.

Question 13:  What internet browser works best with the state plan system?

Response 13:  The state plan system supports the last two versions of Internet Explorer.  Updating your internet browser will ensure optimal performance.


Vicki Turetsky
Office of Child Support Enforcement

cc:  ACF/OCSE Regional Program Managers

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