Submittal of SF-424 Mandatory Form for FY 2021


Publication Date: August 14, 2020



DATE: August 14, 2020

TO: State IV-D Agencies

SUBJECT: Submittal of SF-424 Mandatory Form for FY 2021

This is a reminder to state IV-D agencies of the requirement to submit the Standard Form SF-424 Mandatory Form annually through the Online Data Collection system (OLDC), in accordance with policies for mandatory grant programs under the Administration for Children and Families (see AT-14-07). The fiscal year 2021 SF-424M is available in the OLDC system. Please submit the form no later than October 31, 2020.

The SF-424M ensures that ACF has accurate grant information on state IV-D agencies. However, please do not include any state IV-D plan amendments or materials with the SF-424M submission. The OLDC system will accept the submission without documents attached.

ACTION REQUIRED: Submit the SF-424M through the OLDC system by October 31, 2020.

REFERENCES: AT-14-07, SF-424 Mandatory Form, OCSE SF-424M Instructions (PDF)

INQUIRIES: ACF OCSE Regional Program Managers

Scott M. Lekan
Acting Commissioner
Office of Child Support Enforcement

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