Work-Oriented Programs for Noncustodial Parents


Publication Date: May 27, 2014



DATE:  May 27, 2014

ATTACHMENT:   Map and Description of Work-Oriented Programs for Noncustodial Parents


RE:  Work-Oriented Programs for Noncustodial Parents

Dear Colleague:

We have updated the description of work-oriented programs with active child support involvement that serve noncustodial parents. These programs are listed by state and the map indicates which states have these programs.  The level of activity in this area has increased since the last time we compiled this information in 2011.  Currently, 30 states and the District of Columbia have 77 work-oriented programs for noncustodial parents. Three of these states are operating statewide programs — Georgia, Maryland, and North Dakota.  Many other states are operating programs in multiple counties.  We estimate that roughly 30,000 noncustodial parents were served by these programs in 2013.

Three general models emerge from these data — child support-led, led by a community-based organization, and collaborative models.  Most programs are child support led, which means that the child support program is the lead agency and it is accountable for results.  In other models, the child support program is actively involved but is not the lead agency and is usually not held accountable for results.  When compiling these data, respondents were asked about the source of funding for these programs and they mentioned the following sources:  IV-D funds, IV-D grant funds, IV-D incentive funds, TANF funds, OFA fatherhood grant funds, Workforce Investment Act funds, DOL grant funds, and state funds.   They were also asked whether or not the program was court-ordered.  Many of the programs indicated that their program was not court-ordered.

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Office of Child Support Enforcement

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