FY 2012 Annual Report to Congress

Office of Child Support Enforcement

Publication Date: March 11, 2015


The Office of Child Support Enforcement redesigned the 2012 Annual Report to Congress. The redesigned report now includes individual state and tribal pages and a modernized look. The report also includes information on collections, expenditures, paternities, orders established, and other program statistics.

Table of Contents

Narrative, National Performance (PDF) (PDF 2.04 MB)

Executive Summary
Highlights of the Year
National Program Performance

State Performance

Alabama to Georgia  (PDF)(PDF 2.04 MB)

Guam to Maryland  (PDF)(PDF 8.52 MB)

Massachusetts to New Mexico  (PDF)(PDF 8.67 MB)

New York to South Dakota  (PDF)(PDF 8.63 MB)

Tennessee to Wyoming (PDF) (PDF 7.73 MB)

Tribal Performance

Aleutian/Pribilof to Klamath  (PDF)(PDF 8.1 MB)

Lac Courte Oreilles to Osage  (PDF)(PDF 6.65 MB)

Penobscot to Winnebago  (PDF)(PDF 7.17 MB)

Appendix tables, Glossary  (PDF)(PDF 1.66 MB)