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Provides guidance to states on sending child support payments to foreign countries where the countries' banks do not process paper checks

Addresses frequently asked questions about state IV-D agencies’ responsibility to provide translated orders and documents in outgoing international cases

Updates procedures for child support cases with the UK effective Jan. 1, 2021, following withdrawal from European Union

Provides instructions to Hague Convention Countries and Foreign Reciprocating Countries about accessing the FPLS

Informs states to provide only the person's U.S. state of residence when responding to a locate-only request from a Convention country or a foreign reciprocating country

Provides additional guidance to states when transmitting a Convention Application for Recognition and Enforcement of a Decision to Portugal

Provides correspondence and payment processing information for British Columbia's Central Authority

Notification of new procedures and options for sending child support payments to Norway

Answers parents' questions about international child support cases, and international parental abduction

Provides information about changes to currency conversion procedures in British Columbia and Manitoba