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Used by tribal officials to report statistical and some financial information on their Title IV-D child support program

Form and instructions for the quarterly OCSE-34 collections report required from state and tribal child support agencies

Form and instructions for the quarterly OCSE-396 financial report required from state child support agencies

Reviews the results of FPLS data matching with the Social Security Administration

Announces the release of an OCSE developed guidebook to assist states in assessing benefits of the NDNH

Provides information to IV-D practitioners pursuing interstate enforcement remedies without assistance from another state

Provides information to IV-D caseworkers on collecting child support obligations using income withholding

Explains the reduction of alternative penalty for States failing to meet the PRWORA Statewide Automated Systems deadline

Instructions for completing the OCSE-157 form, Child Support Enforcement Annual Data Report

Describes how some States approach implementation and monitoring of Federal standards for program operation