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Announces latest handbook that incorporates changes to the child support program

Provides an overview of the child support program and topics on case preparation for child support agency attorneys

How to Complete an Income Withholding for Support Order

A Guide to the IWO and Instructions
January 19, 2021

Training presentation provides directions on how to complete the Income Withholding for Support Order (IWO)

Guidance on what can and cannot be changed on the standard OMB-approved IWO form

DOJ resources to reform practices for assessing ability to pay as part of enforcement efforts to collect fees and fines

Study on State administrative and judicial processes for establishing child support orders

Child Support Recovery Act of 1992

August 21, 1996

Describes how to prepare a Child Support Recovery Act package for referral to a local US Attorney Offices

Change in the process for requesting an exemption from expedited processes requirements

Revises AT-76-01 to correct the statutory citations in the paragraph entitled "Failure to Cooperate"

Guidance on use of the courts of the United States to enforce a child support order