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DOJ resources to reform practices for assessing ability to pay as part of enforcement efforts to collect fees and fines

Provides guidance regarding allowable withholding when the noncustodial parent is paid weekly or biweekly

Child Support Recovery Act of 1992

August 21, 1996

Describes how to prepare a Child Support Recovery Act package for referral to a local US Attorney Offices

Summarizes Federal and State cases involving title IV-D of the Social Security Act

Revision of effective date of regulation on FFP for cooperative agreements with courts and law enforcement officials

Provides a copy of the Judicial-Child Support Collaborative Planning Guide for Leading Change

Use of IRS to collect support for non-AFDC families; federal matching for duties performed by court personnel

Notifies states of new bench cards related to UIFSA and Hague Child Support Convention cases

Provides guidance on federal funding for making arrests to enforce support obligations

Announces publication of the Hague Child Support Convention Judicial Guide