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Guidance on the use of enterprise architectures in and across states’ automated human services information systems

Guidance on using COTS software within automated human services information systems to meet federal agency requirements

Guidance for states seeking an exemption from prior regulations related to state information technology acquisition documents

Provides information regarding the child support agency's authority to share case information with child welfare

Announces SSA's new national garnishment system, COGS, which will rely on up-to-date information from CSE agencies

Shares IRS requirements regarding tribal IV-D agencies accessing federal tax information through a state IV-D agency

Provides minimum requirements for submitting a past-due child support amount to the OCSE Debtor File

Provides notice that OMB approved the current FAST Levy and MSFIDM form and documents

Provides answers to questions posed about the Model Tribal System final rule and assessing tribal automation options 

Guidance to States regarding the use of state master contracts for State Information Technology products and services