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Request for comment on optional exceptions in guidelines to treating incarceration as voluntary unemployment

DOJ resources to reform practices for assessing ability to pay as part of enforcement efforts to collect fees and fines

Research Brief: Child Support, Parenting Time, and Safety Concerns

Research, Practice & Partnership Project
October 22, 2015

A brief by the Center for Policy Research related to safely integrating parenting time orders into child support programs

Provides information about domestic violence in partnership with ACF's Family Violence Prevention and Services program

Clarifies allowable child support expenditures related to outreach, referral, and case management activities

Clarifies Federal policy on referral of Medicaid cases to IV-D agencies and provides information on appropriate referrals

Provides information on final rules for SCHIP and Medicaid presumptive eligibility 

Extends Medicaid coverage for four months when AFDC termination is due to increased IV-D support collections

Transmits information in a final HCFA rule regarding cooperation requirements for women eligible for Medicaid