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QUICK Release 13-01 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: January 4, 2013
October 4, 2012

Provides enhancement information to the Query Interstate Cases for Kids (QUICK) application

IRG Release 10-01 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: May 7, 2010
February 8, 2010

Describes a new report available for all state and tribal users that shows the response for a particular profile question

CSENet Release 05-02 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: September 23, 2005
June 23, 2005

Modifies CSENet validation criteria for the New-Case-ID field and deletes obsolete case-closure transactions

CSENet Interface Guidance Document

Version 8.0
April 18, 2011

Provides state technical, administrative and policy child support staff with information on the basic functionality of CSENet

Describes FCR and IRG enhancements for implementation in May 2002

Describes the CSENet, e-IWO, FCR, FOP, IM and QUICK enhancements for implementation in June 2011

Child Support Portal Applications Release 16-01 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: July 29, 2016
October 12, 2016

Describes the Child Support Portal application enhancements for implementation in Release 16-01

IRG Release 02-02 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: November 15, 2002
February 1, 2003

Provides specifications to add, delete and modify county office address information and identifies new links in the State Profile

CSENet Release 01-01 Minor: Exchange Agreement Process Specifications

Implementation Date: November 19, 2001
August 13, 2001

Provides states with a description of the enhanced functionality of the Exchange Agreement process

CSENet Release 06-01 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: August 18, 2006
May 18, 2006

Describes several CSENet enhancements for implementation in August 2006