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Clarifies that HHS approves exemption requests to use incentives to provide employment programs for noncustodial parents

Provides best practices and lessons learned regarding the exchange of case-related data between IV-A and IV-D programs

Provides guidance on the assignment and distribution of child support collections affected by DRA changes

Addresses questions on the coordination between TANF and child support enforcement since the enactment of the DRA of 2005

Highlights promising practices child support and TANF agencies may consider to improve collaboration

Request for comments on the draft standards for CSE-TANF data exchange referral

Guidance on non-recurring, short term cash benefit TANF cases - closing a case when erroneously sent to IV-D agency

Guidance regarding appropriate procedures for working case referrals on previously closed IV-D cases

Clarification of the use of IRS data received by IV-A agencies from IV-D agencies

Guidance regarding hold period for joint non-IV-A tax refund offsets when the offset is more than amount due at time received