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Describes the Portal, IRG, FCR, EDE, e-IWO, and State Profile Admin enhancements for implementation in Release 21-01

FCR Conference Call: DEERS-FCR Quarterly Match

March 15 and 16, 2006
May 8, 2006

Answers state questions about how the DEERS/FCR match identifies children who are enrolled or eligible for TRICARE through DOD

Updates PIQ-05-05 to clarify procedures for sending the NMSN to DMDC for dependents of active and retired military personnel

Clarifies when states must send the NMSN to DMDC concerning health care coverage for children of military personnel

OCSE and DOD re-activated the external locate process to eliminate the need for verification of employment

Army's support, custody, and paternity policies on garnishment and involuntary allotments for payment of support

Guidance on direct payments to a former spouse from the retired pay of members of the Uniformed Services