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Updated Interstate Child Support Policy

November 18, 2020

Updated questions and answers on interstate child support policy

Announces the toolkit to engage and assist veterans that have child support arrears

Provides results from the Urban Institute Report, Assessing Child Support Arrears in Nine Large States and The Nation

Announces NPRM for DRA-required changes regulating $25 fee, mandatory review and adjustment for TANF recipients, etc.

Guidance on whether the unreimbursed assistance (URA) balance should be adjusted when arrearages are compromised

Summary of who owes child support debt, how much is expected to be paid, and suggestions for reducing it

Selling of Child Support Arrears

September 5, 2001

Clarification of OCSE's position concerning the sale of child support arrearages to a private firm at discount rate

Clarifies the flexibility in setting support obligations and securing collections from low-income parents

Clarification on policy regarding compromise of arrearages when parents marry or remarry

State option to implement changes to distribution in former assistance cases on October 1, 1998, rather than in two phases