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Implements the computerized child support enforcement system provisions in section 405 of P. L. 96-265

Expands the availability of FFP in IV-D related court activities

Prohibits advance payment of federal share of state expenses unless the state submits complete expenditure report

Clarifies the distinction between public and privately-owned buildings in costs allowable for FFP

Revises regulations governing grants to States for public assistance programs and FFP for child support programs

Interim Final Rule on FFP for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) equipment or services in emergency situations

Family Support Act of 1988

November 18, 1988

Provisions regarding $50 Disregard Payment, Paternity Establishment, and FFP

Presentation for state systems staff on the federal regulations regarding prior approval for system procurements and contracts

Announces final rule regarding federal funding for costs of incarceration of absent parents and cost of counsel for indigents

Announces reduction in FFP rate for administrative costs incurred in operation of Title IV-D in FY1988