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Provides an update to states about federal income tax refund and administrative offset fees for FY 2022 effective Nov. 1

Provides states with Federal Offset and Pre-Offset Notice program fees for fiscal year 2021

Provides notice that OMB approved the current FAST Levy and MSFIDM form and documents

Displays states and territories currently participating in the Insurance Match Debt Inquiry

Provides information about states that pay a fee to financial institutions for processing the quarterly data match

Describes the IRG, FCE, and e-NMSN enhancements for implementation in Release 21-02

Announces OMB approval of the Insurance Match standard input file record for insurers to use until Jan. 31, 2024

Overview of OCSE's partnership with the agency administering the retirement plan for federal employees and the military

Federal Offset Collections Schedule

Calendar Year 2021
January 15, 2021

Provides important dates for collections processing for the year of 2021

Provides specifications for quarterly matching of delinquent noncustodial parents to financial institution accounts