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Family Support Act of 1988

November 18, 1988

Provisions regarding $50 Disregard Payment, Paternity Establishment, and FFP

Implements Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act requiring States have procedures to prohibit retroactive modification of arrearages

Corrects final regulation regarding treatment of assigned support payments received directly and retained by AFDC applicants

Proposed regulations revising processing of garnishment orders for child support and/or alimony related to attorney fees

Updated Interstate Child Support Policy

November 18, 2020

Updated questions and answers on interstate child support policy

Implements requirements for states to adopt laws for a civil process for voluntary paternity establishment and related audits/penalties

Reduces or eliminates mandated burdens on States and extends the deadline for having a certified computer system

Office of Personnel Management rule on processing garnishment orders, clarifies Veterans Administration provision

Describes state option to collect and enforce support obligations for children and the spouse or former spouse

NPRM on $50 pass-through, guidelines, mandatory genetic testing, paternity establishment, and laboratory testing