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Family Support Act of 1988

November 18, 1988

Provisions regarding $50 Disregard Payment, Paternity Establishment, and FFP

Announces final rule regarding federal funding for costs of incarceration of absent parents and cost of counsel for indigents

Implements requirements for states to adopt laws for a civil process for voluntary paternity establishment and related audits/penalties

Describes state option to collect and enforce support obligations for children and the spouse or former spouse

Information on the fee charged by the IRS for collecting certified delinquent child support payments 

Proposed regulation to implement the Family Support Act by revising case processing requirements and distribution timeframes

Proposed rule requiring States to adopt laws and procedures for a simple civil process for voluntary acknowledgement of paternity

Final rule authorizes states to implement a medical support enforcement program

Proposed rule implementing part of the paternity establishment provisions contained in PRWORA

Medicaid guidance to states regarding cooperation with child support, third party liability, and FFP rates