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Requirements to claim federal matching funds for obtaining automatic data processing (ADP) equipment and services

Preparation and approval of state agency cost allocation plans used in computing FFP under public assistance programs

Issues final rule to remove outdated regulations, address policy clarifications and corrections, and make conforming amendments

Implements the computerized child support enforcement system provisions in section 405 of P. L. 96-265

Expands the availability of FFP in IV-D related court activities

Final rule on State requests for information from the FPLS and reimbursement for cases with no assignment

Interim Final Rule on FFP for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) equipment or services in emergency situations

Changes requirements for claiming FFP for acquisition of ADP equipment/services in the administration of Title IV programs

Regulations on removing the requirement for prior HHS approval of data processing service agreements

Allocation of 80 percent matching funds for child support enforcement automated systems