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Provides a list of acronyms and definitions of terms used by child support workers

Provides information on final rules for SCHIP and Medicaid presumptive eligibility 

Wire payment information for four countries that do not accept checks: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland

Provides minimum requirements for submitting a past-due child support amount to the OCSE Debtor File

Answers questions from tribes about allocating costs of fixed assets and uniform cost principles

Provides a summary of data analysis conducted on using the National Directory of New Hires to increase child support collections

Clarifies Federal policy on referral of Medicaid cases to IV-D agencies and provides information on appropriate referrals

Provides the Military Services' enlistment policies on men who have acknowledged paternity

Answers to questions about working cases with Canadian provinces and territories

Provides updated contact information for the US Postal Service for child support-related requests and questions