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Provides guidance to states on sending child support payments to foreign countries where the countries' banks do not process paper checks

Provides updated contact information for the US Postal Service for child support-related requests and questions

Wire payment information for four countries that do not accept checks: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland

Provides states and tribes with Department of Labor Opinion Letter regarding withholding limits for lump sum payments

Provides guidance on obtaining Employment Verification for a USPS employee/non-custodial parent

Announces SSA's new national garnishment system, COGS, which will rely on up-to-date information from CSE agencies

Information on data matching with SSA's State Verification and Exchange System and submitting income-withholding orders 

OCSE and DOD re-activated the external locate process to eliminate the need for verification of employment

Provides articles on Automation, Employer Database Best Practices, and Employer New Hire Outreach

Reminder that states can initiate income-withholding on tribal and non-tribal Federal employees working on reservations