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Shares IRS requirements regarding tribal IV-D agencies accessing federal tax information through a state IV-D agency

Informs states to provide only the person's U.S. state of residence when responding to a locate-only request from a Convention country or a foreign reciprocating country

Addresses how to identify an appropriate and qualified independent assessor and provides examples of security controls

Provides self-assessment tool and answers to frequently asked questions about FPLS access for tribal agencies

Provides information regarding the child support agency's authority to share case information with child welfare

Provides articles on Automation, Employer Database Best Practices, and Employer New Hire Outreach

Describes a process developed by Utah for Quarterly Wage and Unemployment Insurance claim provider address cleanup

Announces a change in DoD policy regarding processing FPLS requests for active duty and reserve military personnel

Provides articles on Quarterly Wage, Data Match and Asset Seizure, and FIDM

Reissuing the first edition of a guide titled, "Tips, Techniques, and Technology for Using FPLS Data"