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Provides information regarding the child support agency's authority to share case information with child welfare

Shares IRS requirements regarding tribal IV-D agencies accessing federal tax information through a state IV-D agency

Addresses how to identify an appropriate and qualified independent assessor and provides examples of security controls

Provides self-assessment tool and answers to frequently asked questions about FPLS access for tribal agencies

Provides articles on Automation, Employer Database Best Practices, and Employer New Hire Outreach

Announces a change in DoD policy regarding processing FPLS requests for active duty and reserve military personnel

Describes a process developed by Utah for Quarterly Wage and Unemployment Insurance claim provider address cleanup

Provides articles on Quarterly Wage, Data Match and Asset Seizure, and FIDM

Informs State IV-B, IV-D and IV-E agencies of the capacity to locate non-custodial parents using information from the FPLS

Reissuing the first edition of a guide titled, "Tips, Techniques, and Technology for Using FPLS Data"