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Issues final rule to remove outdated regulations, address policy clarifications and corrections, and make conforming amendments

Provides guidance on state Medicaid agency incentive payments for assigned medical support collection

Use of IV-D funding to pay for private attorney fees for the purposes of child support establishment and modification

Questions and answers regarding income withholding enforcement for tribes operating a IV-D program

Paternity Disestablishment

April 28, 2003

Guidance on the impact of paternity disestablishment on the state IV-D program funding and policies

Proposed rule implementing part of the paternity establishment provisions contained in PRWORA

Implements requirements for states to adopt laws for a civil process for voluntary paternity establishment and related audits/penalties

Proposed rule requiring States to adopt laws and procedures for a simple civil process for voluntary acknowledgement of paternity

Clarification concerning enforcement of existing judgments for back support in the amount of unreimbursed public assistance

Examples of statutes from States designed to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of medical support enforcement