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Clarification of policy on case closure for interstate cases when the custodial parent's whereabouts are unknown

Office of Personnel Management rule on processing garnishment orders, clarifies Veterans Administration provision

Proposed regulation to implement the Family Support Act by revising case processing requirements and distribution timeframes

Why Don't More Poor Custodial Parents Have a Child Support Order?

Story Behind the Numbers - Child Support Fact Sheet #6
June 28, 2016

Examines why poor custodial parents do not have a child support order

Guidance on securing child support from a noncustodial parents who is in the Witness Protection Program

Regulations issued by the Postal Service regarding disclosure of change of address and post office boxholder information

Clarification on the purpose and use of the Locate Data Sheet in IV-D cases

Notifies states to respond to locate requests only from Central Authorities in Hague Child Support Convention countries

Informs states to provide only the person's U.S. state of residence when responding to a locate-only request from a Convention country or a foreign reciprocating country