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Provides new and revised State Plan preprint pages due September 30, 1991

Outlines flexibilities that may be available under the Stafford Act due to COVID-19

Provides notice of the requirement to submit the SF-424M annually through the OLDC system

New and revised State plan preprint page 3.8-1 regarding an advance planning document update

SF-424 Mandatory Form

OMB 4040-0002
May 1, 2017

Used by state agencies to submit required information to ACF Office of Grants Management by the end of the fiscal year

Describes the online system process for state plan amendments

Establishes procedures for disapproval of a State IV-D plan if a State fails to submit necessary amendments

Provides States with revised instructions for requesting an exemption from Section 466 of the Social Security Act

Corrections to the child support program final review and adjustment requirements published December 28, 1992

Final rule on bonding of employees and handling of cash receipts in the child support enforcement program