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Follow-up and correction to PIQ-98-09 regarding furnishing a consumer report for enforcing a child support order

Clarification on policy regarding compromise of arrearages when parents marry or remarry

Implements the computerized child support enforcement system provisions in section 405 of P. L. 96-265

Extends use of Federal income tax refund offset process to non-AFDC cases and amends safeguarding information requirements

Guidance on processing child or child and spousal support allotments for PHS commissioned officers

Regulation provides for collection of certain past-due child and spousal support from federal tax refunds

Expands the availability of FFP in IV-D related court activities

Authority, technical changes, improvements to the IRS full collection process for child support in non-AFDC cases

Prohibits advance payment of federal share of state expenses unless the state submits complete expenditure report

Amendment to HHS grants administration regulation implementing cost principles for nonprofit organizations