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QUICK Release 13-01 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: January 4, 2013
October 4, 2012

Provides enhancement information to the Query Interstate Cases for Kids (QUICK) application

Federal Offset Collections Schedule

Calendar Year 2021
January 15, 2021

Provides important dates for collections processing for the year of 2021

Provides states with Annual Certification Letter to complete and return by Sept. 30, 2020

Describes the EDE, FCR, Portal, and State Profile Admin enhancements for implementation in Release 21-03

Final regulation implements provisions of PRWORA related to child support program automation

Procedures for obtaining and using FPLS information for parental kidnapping, child custody or visitation purposes

FOP Release 12-01 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: April 6, 2012
January 6, 2012

Provides record specifications for enhancements to the State Services Portal Federal Offset application

FOP Release 05-02 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: September 23, 2005
June 23, 2005

Provides record specifications for enhancements made to the Federal Offset Program in September 2005

IRG Release 02-01 Minor: Specifications

Implementation Date: May 10, 2002
April 24, 2002

Describes modifications to the State Profile section, International FIPS Codes, standardization of Address Types

IRG Release 09-01 Major: Specifications

Implementation Date: April 3, 2009
January 5, 2009

Describes modifications to improve the download for international and tribal records