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IV-A and IV-D procedures for handling assigned support payments received directly and retained by AFDC recipients

Provides guidance on the assignment and distribution of child support collections affected by DRA changes

Providing appropriate notice to continue IV-D services to former non-AFDC Medicaid and title IV-E foster care recipients

Provides a revised definition of "assistance paid to the family" for child support enforcement collection purposes

Initiates a request for disclosure of NDNH information to a federal, state, or local agency for research purposes

 Final Rule revises the timeframes for distribution of the $50.00 pass through

Final rule by HHS which establishes a two year time limit for a state to file a claim for FFP

Final rule permitting optional use of current rate FFP to distribute arrearage collections

Final regulations revise the disregard of child support payment regulations at 45 CFR Parts 302 and 303

Requires agencies to provide notice and continue to provide CSE services to persons no longer eligible for AFDC