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How to Complete an Income Withholding for Support Order

A Guide to the IWO and Instructions
January 19, 2021

Training presentation provides directions on how to complete the Income Withholding for Support Order (IWO)

Explains employers' roles and responsibilities in the child support program

Guidance on what can and cannot be changed on the standard OMB-approved IWO form

For state agency staff, this explains some differences between independent contractors and employees

Income Withholding for Support and the State Disbursement Unit

Child Support and the Judiciary Bench Card
March 29, 2018

Explains mandatory use of OMB approved IWO form by all entities to withhold for child support payments

Explains actions private employers and federal agencies must take when an employee is terminated or rehired

The flowchart shows how the Income Withholding for Support form is processed by employers and child support agencies

Explains use of the IWO form for child and spousal support to courts, hearing officers, attorneys, and clerks of court

Provides information about the Electronic Termination (eTerm) tool available via the Child Support Portal

Statutes and regulations authorizing income withholding allocation among multiple child support orders against one parent