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Submitting processing fees to FPLS for non-AFDC cases, locate only, and parental kidnapping/child custody cases

Cost recovery procedures of ACF for the Child Support Enforcement Network (CSENet)


Cost recovery procedures for processing OCSE issued pre-offset notices for the Federal Tax Offset Program

Announces an increase in the annual collection fee from $25 to $35 when collections to family equal $550 each fiscal year

Methodology for determining the amount of income earned in the State's interest or investment activities

Clarification of treatment of interest earned from non-AFDC collections

Requires reimbursement from States for the use of FPLS for cases with no required assignment of support to the State

Final rule on State requests for information from the FPLS and reimbursement for cases with no assignment

Expands the availability of FFP in IV-D related court activities

States may enter into an agreement to obtain FPLS information for use in parental kidnapping and child custody cases